Zeus Perfume Oil

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The alluring effect of Zeus is a combination set for the gender-neutral fragrance lover who enjoys the traces of leathery and oud notes.

Elegant, mesmerizing, and classy, the Zeus exotic oil is like that quiet but classy minimalist couple who don?t want to fuss around with perfume collection as they feel the scents could be regarded as intrusive to the people around them.?

They have one shared signature scent that they wear year-round for any occasion.

They always smell classy and sexy yet powerful and rich.?

Zeus Fragrance Notes:

  • Love
  • Leather
  • Oud
  • Wood


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3 reviews for Zeus Perfume Oil

  1. Tobi Tijani

    Hello Ife,
    I knew a day like this would come, reviewing your products since have been eyeing them lol! Honestly the zeus perfume oil is amazing. It’s luxurious and very intense. As soon as I opened it the smell exuded everywhere just right in the packing. I used a little on my wrist, my husband did same and we were both “wowing”
    I got it as a birthday gift for my boss. He double thanked me, says it’s really classy and that I took him to another level🤣🤣.
    Well-done for the good work . Please let’s have it in 30ml too.

  2. Mbanan Mku

    The moment I put this on my son came and asked me why I sleep so good. Love it

  3. Mercy

    I was so looking forward to this perfume after so many hype and i must say I am a bit disappointed . The wood fragrance note can sometimes overpower the other notes making it too overbearing. In my opinion I believe its more manly suitable and def not unisex. The smell is very intense and does last long i must say.

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