Richie Rich Premium Home Diffuser Refill


Your diffusers never need to dry up again! Breathe in , out, in! And exhale as you fill your lungs with the atmosphere that is your signature fragrance of choice without bothering about how to keep that same fragrance as long as you like.

With the premium home diffuser refill, you can add another 3 months of Richie Rich just as you like it! Keeping the scent fresh in your home

Approximate scent times:

  • 100ml For smaller rooms- 4-6 weeks
  • 200ml for larger rooms – 3 months

Size: 230ml

Signature Fragrance: Richie Rich
The perfect way to add a multi-sensory experience to the luxury in your home. Sophisticating yet gentle, Richie Rich’s soothing aroma makes your space a perfect relaxation arena.

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How To Use

  1. Simply pour the desired amount into your existing diffuser bottle carefully
  2. Insert the reeds into the bottle
  3. Ensure they are touching the bottom, and watch as the fragrance of your space begins to change as the scent swirls all over the room and into the corners by your amazing home fragrance of choice
  4. Flip your reeds every 48 hours to keep scent fresh

Neroli essential oil sourced from Tunisia, Juicy red grape, Orange blossom, Water lily, Lush green, and Crystallized sugar.

Our oils and diffuser base are non-toxic, and contain no lead, paraben, or phthalates.

Reeds are not supplied with this product.

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